Foreign citizens in Bali who are married to Indonesian citizens, when getting married can register their marriage in the country of origin of that foreign citizen and their marriage certificate is reported in Indonesia so that marriages between foreign nationals and Indonesian citizens can be recognized by Indonesian law. Marriage reporting between foreign nationals and Indonesian citizens in Indonesia is conducted at the local population and civil registration office (according to domicile).

Foreign nationals in Bali can use the services of lawyers in Bali to take care of marriage reporting and marriage registration in Indonesia. The requirements are a passport, KTP (for Indonesian citizens), unmarried certificate, marriage permit from the country concerned, legalize the embassy of the country concerned, a photo, full name of the parents of the bride and groom, and a marriage certificate from the country concerned which contains when and where the marriage takes place.

After having a marriage certificate and proof of marriage report in Indonesia, then the husband and wife are legally bound by marriage and subject to the Indonesian Marriage Law. When a foreign citizen wants to file a divorce in Indonesia, especially in Bali, he can use the services of a divorce lawyer in Bali who is experienced, professional, fast and able to protect the privacy of his client. According to the Marriage Law in Indonesia, divorce can occur subject to several conditions as stipulated in Law No. 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage, which includes frequent arguments and fights which are caused by many factors.

It is enough for foreign citizens to sign the power of attorney given to divorce lawyers in Bali, so that foreign nationals do not have to bother in processing their divorce. Divorce lawyers in Bali are tasked with drafting divorce papers and undergoing a series of hearings so that a divorce judgment in court can be issued. Divorce in court takes about 2 (two) months or more depending on the severity of the case. If the case involves child custody and the distribution of marital assets, it certainly takes a long time, which is more than 2 (two) months.

For this reason, foreign nationals must find a professional divorce lawyer in Bali who is able to communicate well with clients and is fast at work

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